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Congress passes budget deal despite GOP defections

By Alan Silverleib, CNN
Last week a new budget deal was reached and won approval from both the House and the Senate.  Now the next step is sending it to President Obama’s office for his signature.  It calls for a $38.5 billion cut in spending while funding the government for the rest of the current fiscal year.  Now the the White House and Congress can focus on the budget for the next fiscal year in 2012.  Without support from both sides the bill would have never survived.  As a result Congress will also de – fund Planned Parenthood and Obama’s health care over haul.   
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Georgia governor to sign law targeting illegal immigration

By Gustavo Valdes, CNN
Georgia Govenor,Nathan Deal, is in talks to sign in a new law regarding anti- illegal immigration lasw in Georgia.  The law hass been passed through Georgia Legislature last Thursday, but it is unsure when exactly the Govenor will sign the law.   Issues detailing the bill reflect the Govenor’s stance on the illegal immigration position.  The bill now allows law enforecment officers to ask about immigration status when questiong supects on certain criminal investigations.  New hefty prison sentences will be imposed to those who help with the illegal transportaion of immigrants, and to those who fake their documents in order to get work.  The bill’s author, Rep. Matt Ramsey, says the law is a result of the federal government’s failure to secure the nation’s border.                                                                                                              
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We are all fussing about budget cuts but we are not doing anything to change them. The bill was passed at $38.5 billion but they are complaining about getting more. They should have been thankful for that amount. Eveyrbody thinking that the money goes towards abortions, no it dont. As Obama stated, ” we cant get everything we want and not pay for it.” The government just want somebody to give them something when things in this life have value. Obama is doing the best he can, we just gotta give him time.

Everybody should have to pay taxes no matter how wealthy you are because americans that are low on money ahve to pay them to. They should treat everybody ewual if thats the case.

Kiara Reed

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Its easy to get along with your sisters but you must be close and stay in contact. As for me, me and my sister stay eighteen hours apart. We write from time to time but I never get to see here. We have always been talking about a way to come closer together. Its very hard when we stay in different states. Regardless of the past we both forgive and forget. We have both had our ups and downs but we are sisters and nothing can break us apart.

Sometimes I cry because I just want to see her face instead of talking to her on the phone all the time. Hopefully this summer I will get to go visit her and catch up on the moment we missed.

Kiara Reed

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It is happening everyday, parents are doing the craziest things to their kids. How can you drive your kids into a river and tell them if im going to die, your going to die too. Parents like that should not even be able to have kids. No man nor woman can make you that made for you to kill something that you gave birth to. Those kids were innocent and if it had to do something with him abusing her, she should have been left him alone.

Im glad the oldest child lived to tell the story. When she said it was a mistake it was to late. I can imagine how hard it was for him to leave his siblings behind. To me she is a murderer and if the dad had something to do with it, he need to be punished too.

kiara reed

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I dont think religion should have nothing to do with it. Some people take contraceptions so they wont get pregnant and I think when a woman dont want to get pregnant its for a good reason. If we have freedom of speech, we as women should be able to make our own decision. Birth control can make a difference. As a catholic they rather for you not to take any contraceptions but what if you get pregnant, do they believe in abortions or something.

I know that we should abide by our religions beliefs but we have to make a life the way we want it to be. Its not like once you get on birth control you cant get off because you can.

Kiara Reed

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82% of schools are considered failing?

A while back a bill was passed called “No Child Left Behind”, it forced schools to up their standards in order to meet national requirements. The new requirements will leave little wiggle room for students, parents, teachers and even entire school systems. Ridiculous and far-fetched new standards being set forth will challenge many teachers of all grades to force more and more down the kids throat. All of this recent buzz has got me thinking and really puzzled. Which side do I fall on?

On one hand I feel like the kids defiantly need to know certain things in order to move on. While I believe this to I also believe that some kids just are not mentally able to accomplish the milestone to move on. The whole one standard for all does not fly with me. People need to understand the differences among people and accept them. Whether it be the net income of the area or the racial make-up of the area, some more fair and more just laws need to be enacted. I agree with what the writer said here, “We should get out of the business of labeling schools as failures and create a new law that is fair and flexible, and focused on the schools and students most at risk,” With 82 % of America’s school in jeopardy of closing I agree that something must be done and must be done in a timely manner.

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