I can agree with the message this article is trying to send to people. I have been through homesickness also. I started last semester and lasted for a while. I found simple excuses for calling home. Now that I have found people I connect with and I enjoy hanging around I can say I wouldn’t mind visiting home everynow then but I can say I’m not dying to go back. I believe that counseling can help but it depends on the person being counselled. My homesickness wasn’t serious enough, in my mind to have to go to counseling but I can say the company of my 2 cousins made my new experience to this world alot easier because they are people I am familiar with. I do believe if I would’ve attended this college without knowing anybody, until I made friends I would’ve been extremely depressed with thoughts running through my head like “man everybody just forgot about me”. I must say I am thankful to have not had to feel that feeling. I missed friends, family, and the moments we spent together but as the article states its not really the house it self I miss. I’m going to end this with a phrase ” a home is a house filled with love” so when I was down I was HOMEsick.

~Remy Edmonds~

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