Are Whites Racially oppressed\

By the year 2050 the U.S cenus has predeicted that caucasions will become the new minority in the U.S. This has many people wondering and thinking about what will become the new ” norm” for society. Many whites are afraid of looseing their superiority in the U.S so they feel the need to try and stop the “oppression” forced upon the white people. The white people hve settled into thier own happy place and forgotton how to stand up for themselves to deffend their supperiority. While whites are busy complaining about how they are not on top any more instead of doing something about it the Blacks are busy advancing. Either way problems and tensions are to be seen in the neer future

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I can agree with the message this article is trying to send to people. I have been through homesickness also. I started last semester and lasted for a while. I found simple excuses for calling home. Now that I have found people I connect with and I enjoy hanging around I can say I wouldn’t mind visiting home everynow then but I can say I’m not dying to go back. I believe that counseling can help but it depends on the person being counselled. My homesickness wasn’t serious enough, in my mind to have to go to counseling but I can say the company of my 2 cousins made my new experience to this world alot easier because they are people I am familiar with. I do believe if I would’ve attended this college without knowing anybody, until I made friends I would’ve been extremely depressed with thoughts running through my head like “man everybody just forgot about me”. I must say I am thankful to have not had to feel that feeling. I missed friends, family, and the moments we spent together but as the article states its not really the house it self I miss. I’m going to end this with a phrase ” a home is a house filled with love” so when I was down I was HOMEsick.

~Remy Edmonds~

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